Training at Sarmang software was a very wise decision as it has not only helped me in building up my basics but also helped me in my career growth.

Komal Singhal

" Its a great pleasure to write down my experience with Sarmang Software , I can proudly say that I am among those people who was associated with Sarmang from starting, I joined as a trainee and it was a great learning for me to cherish my knowledge and thanks a lot to Anil Sir who always guided me as a mentor rather than a senior who always gave me a chance to improve my skills."

I always want to be a part of Sarmang and I wish for the Success of Sarmang Software and specially to Anil Sir.

Gufran Basit

I have attended a seminar at KEC Dwarahat, conducted by Mr. Anil Mohan on Open Source Technologies and became a great fan of him. It was easy to get in touch with him as he is one of our active alumni and hence I got a chance to be with him in Sarmang Software as a trainee. I have spend my last two semester break there and acquired a lot of knowledge about process and methodology in current IT industryAs any normal student, I have decided to learn C, Java and Linux for getting a decent job in IT gaints. But when I spent few days in Sarmang, I got the clue that in real life I need more than this. I have to get some hands on live on-going project. I have to learn the whole SLDC, cracking interviews are enough. For making efficient growth, one need to know what industry needs from you.

Life was just a fun at Sarmang. Every single moment we have enjoyed there. I was witness of software (Parikshaphal) installation atKasiga School, Dehradun. It was a great experience to learn the process about installing a software at client side. As a software trainee, it is a great thing to learn and I can't get this opportunity anywhere other than Sarmang.Although I was not involved in the Barcode scanner project, but there were a lot discussion across the team, and hence we acquire some knowledge about the barcode and the hardware associated with it.

Vineet Saurabh

PHP Training provided me a strong base to stand in competitive environment and the teaching methodology of Anil Sir is really good because he gives a complete environment to students to learn independently and polish their skills during their training session.

Gurpreet Kaur

I did my summer training at Sarmang and learned a lot during that period. I felt that the training provided here was much better than any other institute I have been to, because more emphasis was provided on developing the problem solving attitude and the application of a subject into the programs, rather than just the teaching sessions. The best part is the small weekly tasks where you get ample time to understand, struggle and finally conquer the problem. I am really grateful to Anil Mohan sir, who is a great mentor, for providing me with such an opportunity for learning.

Shiva Gunwant

Dear Anil Sir,

I just wanted to thank you for giving the training course. It was the best course I've ever participated in. I think you are great and your course seems to cover just about everything!! I really want to commend you on a great teaching job. Not only did you explain everything in detail, but more importantly, you took your time to be sure that everyone understood. It was really an awesome experience. Keep doing what you do!! Best of luck, and thanks again,

Deepak kr Sharma
IBM India

My selection of GIS software training under the guidance of Anil Mohan Sir was completely a sensible decision as it introduced me to GIS technology and Remote Sensing techniques which encouraged me to pursue my career in GIS field.

Ruchika Dobhal

Training at Sarmang Software gave me an edge over my fellow mates. I was not only introduced to new technologies but also worked on live projects. Nice experience.

Ankit Negi

For Sarmang Software Training i would say

" Thank you for the quality training. You have sound Technical and Professional Skills. Training at sarmang software makes us divergent thinker. It helped us to develop an ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

Divya Mishra

It was an intelligent choice to choose Sarmang for summer training. I will be always thankful to Anil Mohan sir for enlightening our career path. :)

Shivani Rawat

These days software companies are having huge requirements of software engineers who are not only holding technical degrees but are also technically qualified to handle and manage different types of technologies being used in different companies. I must say Sarmang training under Anil Mohan Sir guidance provided me the best hands on technical experience which helped me a lot building my career in software company.

Kritika Joshi

Students become self dependent as sir used to say most of the time try it, we have to think logically, so improvement of this part also occur.

Shipra Sangal
Summer Trainee 2009

This is something different approach of teaching students by actually not teaching, but guiding them is very best thing.

Surabhi Pandey
Summer Trainee 2009

Active Participation form the trainer & incouragement is a good things

Ankur Sharma
Java Trainee 2009

This taining program is boost our confidence & increase our thinking level, this is not only increasing our knowledge but also makes us to work upon our weak points.

Priya Aggarwal
Summer Trainee 2008

Here we get friendly environment so it becomes easy for us to think innovatively out of box thinking.

Devesh Joshi
Summer Trainee 2008

I like the dedication with which you teach, our patience test, innovative decisions making us self confident and independent

Amit Maindola
C Trainee 2007

It takes time for the problem to solve, but "do it yourself" is very good by that our mind is develop, questions which we solve helps us in understanding the topics

Rajat Goel
Summer Trainee 2008

The way of teaching of our mentor who believes that first the student must indulge herself/himself in the work & if there are some queries then the help should be given.

Meenakshi Pant
Project Trainee 2008

I like the training program & stress free environment

Shweta Dhiman
Summer Trainee 2008

I like discussion method in training program or in any learning courses.

Abhishek Goel
Summer Trainee 2009