Software for handling daily operations of a retail store including stock, purchase, sales, billing. Staff details, mode of payment, discount option etc. Barcode for stock entry, sale and stock auditing.


Web Technology 1: LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP + HTML + Javascript + CSS + AJAX)

Web Technology 2: J2EE (JAVA + JSP + Apache Tomcat + MySql + HTML + Javascript + CSS + AJAX)

Desktop Technology 1: J2SE (JAVA + Swings + MySql)

Desktop Technology 2: .NET (.NET + Windows + Sql Server)

Additional Hardware: Barcode Machine, Barcode Printer, Billing Printer

Modules to work on in summer training

  1. Desktop version in JAVA
  2. Desktop version in .NET
  3. Modifications in web version
  4. Reporting with crystal reports
  5. PDF creation
  6. Data import from excel
  7. Data export to excel
  8. stock entry, update history
  9. Barcode printing module
  10. Stock audit
  11. Staff attendance
  12. Staff performance analysis
  13. Limited period discount
  14. Sales analysis
  15. Stock analysis

Retail stores, departmental store, garment store, book store, super market,

grocery store, footware store, apparel store, furniture store, sweet shop, boutique, cosmetic store, electronic store,

computer store, mobile store, greetings gallery, CD gallery, gift shop, and many more

Clients to Handle
Software Development Life Cycle Stage
Requirement, designing, re-designing, coding, testing, installation, support & service