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Why to undergo Industrial Training

Why to undergo Industrial Training ?

Training means an organized activity aimed at imparting required skills set, information or knowledge to improve the recipient's performance or to help him/her to meet their career goals.Nowadays technology is developing continuously and at a faster rate, what is new today get obsolete within an hour.

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Industrial Training: time to sharpen your skills

Summers are back with a fresh new offering on learning. We hope you would have dug deep into the lessons. Let us give you a chance to apply all the "fundas".Be it science or technology, you need to jump out of the regular...

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Summer Training/Summer Internship/Project Training

Dummy Project VS LIVE PROJECT What is a dummy project? Dummy project is a project/application which utilizes our skills and enables us to experiment on a virtual plan. In a real-time scenario, this setting is of a little help. There are no guidelines...

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Why should one go for Live Project Training?

If you are pursuing B.Tech., MCA or any other technical course, you need to go for Internship or Project Training. The aim of Internship/Project Training is to get exposed to the real world implementation of the things you have studied...

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