Transportation management solution for schools, colleges and organisations. Including vehicle details, drivers master, routes, drivers duty chart, fuel consumption, stoppages in the routes, attendance report of travellers, drivers attendance, daily vehicle travel route with time, vehicle service details, vehicle maintenance details.


Web Technology 1: LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP + HTML + Javascript + CSS + AJAX)

Modules to work on in summer training

  1. Vehicle Master
  2. Route Master
  3. Driver Master
  4. Driver & attendent allotment
  5. Driver & attendent attendance
  6. Student pick and drop attendance & timing
  7. Vehicle meter reading
  8. Vehicle service reminder
  9. Vehicle Fuelling
  10. Fuel consumption analysis

Industry : Education

Client : Any Educational Institution

Clients to Handle : 3+

Software Development Life Cycle Stage
Requirement, designing, re-designing, coding, testing, installation, support & service